Health, Safety and Environment Training and Consultancy

ETI is a British training company specialising in delivering training in a wide range of health and safety, foreign language, technical and business topics.

Established in 1997 Education and Training International provides training and consultancy services to international companies in a variety of industries including the oil and gas industry in the Caspian and Caucasus regions.

What is ETI?

ETI is a specialist provider of health, safety and environmental training courses, internationally but especially throughout the Caucasus and Caspian Regions.

Our tutors and consultants are highly qualified, to appropriate international standards, and garner an accumulated knowledge, and wealth of experience, focused on providing high quality training for everyone attending our training courses.

ETI can provide up-to-date instruction over a wide selection of HSE courses.

Our philosophy

ETI recognises that at every level within an organisation, from the very top to the bottom, people are a significant contributing factor in causing incidents. Increasing awareness of the causes of incidents is the first step towards prevention and this is our first objective.

It is easy to attribute an incident, or accident, to something such as a "mechanical failure", but this perspective fails to address fundamental questions such as;

  • Who designed it?
  • Who specified it?
  • Who purchased it?
  • Who approved it?
  • Who installed it?
  • Who operated it?
  • Who maintained it?

This analysis is integral to the process of finding out what actually happened to cause an incident.

Customised training

Our experience assists us when discussing training with our clients. We listen to clients and identify their needs, allowing us to design and deliver cost effective training solutions, tailored wherever necessary, to meet specific company requirements.

We aim to help employers to meet statutory requirements imposed on them related to training and assist them to develop a pro-active health and safety culture where the staff are encouraged to play an integral role in the implementation of industry wide, safe working, practises.

All our training is focused on the needs of delegates who attend, so that they may gain HSE skills and knowledge, useful within the workplace. We care about what we do and we value the opinions of all delegates and clients, who provide constant feedback which allows us to monitor quality and wherever necessary implement any required changes.

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What is ETI?

Our philosophy

Customised training